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ALBIXON, the company that dominates the European market with retractable pool enclosures, is providing Canadian clients access to broad portfolio of safety enclosures and retractable pool covers with highest quality standards. Albixon is the only pool enclosure company in North America with products certified from NSF. The design of the pool enclosures has been reviewed by MTE Structural consultants as well as K Smart Associates engineers for structural conformance to the Ontario Building Code.

Albixon retractable enclosures are constantly modified and upgraded to ensure they comply with the toughest safety certifications and changing market demand. Complying with the bylaws and requirements for the pool enclosures enabled Albixon Canada to start selling across all the Canadian provinces and beyond through dealers and Albixon Canada own representatives in Ontario, B.C. and Quebec.

Safety & Quality Assurance

Safety & Quality

Durability & Structural Compliance

Durability & Structural

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Albixon is the only safety enclosures company in the world that passed strict certification process and is now certified by NSF institute for advanced quality and safety standards (official website). NSF is globally known institution for the development of public health standards and certification programs aiming to protect consumers, public as well as the environment. NSF is an American institution with offices around the world, including Canada. Furthermore, Albixon enclosures are certified by the strictest European certification bodies including the AFNOR certificate that Albixon products recived in already years ago.

Various types of enclosures are meeting demands of all customers – are you looking for a low profile shape or do you want to utilize inner space under the enclosure? Do you want to enclose your swimming pool or are you looking for a suitable solution for your hot tub or swim-spa? Just choose from our wide offer and enjoy all the benefits of the selected enclosure products.

Process of getting

Consideration / Interest

Consideration / Interest

After you decide to maximize the potential of your backyard oasis by purchasing an Albixon retractable enclosure contact us to get advice on the most suitable solution.

Free consultation

Free consultation

Use our Online Request form or email us your project details to get a free quote. Our consultants are ready to assist you with custom enclosure solutions for your project.

Proposal / Design

Proposal / Design

After discussing the detailed specifications of your desired project our design consultant will prepare a comprehensive proposal for your retractable enclosure.



Once all of the details have been approved a contract can be signed and the order placed for production in our modern facilities including Albixon own powder coating plant.



When the enclosure is delivered to your site, our team of highly skilled installers will be on hand to ensure that your retractable cover is properly installed.

detailed steps

A site visit allows our design consultant to inspect your site and ensure that you are informed about all the technical options and design possibilities specific to your project. It will also provide the opportunity to to take precise measurements and ensure that there will be no obstacles or unforeseen problems with the installation of the enclosure. Making sure that the site is well prepared for installation will ensure that your ALBIXON retractable enclosure will function effectively for many years to come.

After discussing the requirements, budget and site specifications, detailed project specifications for the retractable pool enclosure are prepared by our technical manager.

These project specifications may vary depending on factors such as the size and shape of the pool, the desired pool enclosure materials, selected add-ons and features, as well as local building codes and municipalities' by-laws.

The specifications are approved in three stages:

  • 1st The technical manager makes sure the solution is feasible and reasonable. This way we make sure that the best retractable pool enclosure solution is provided for given requirements and site specifications.
  • 2nd Certified Structural Engineer confirms the structural compliance with local building code.
  • 3rd Final product is confirmed with the client and information about warranties, safety certifications and structural compliance is provided.

We make sure our clients are provided full disclosure about our retractable enclosures!

  • Certificates of origin
  • Certification on material used including place of origin!
  • Safety certification from NSF
  • Structural compliance with the building code
  • References from all over the Canada including complete list of our installs!

Albixon safety pool enclosures are manufactured from the highest quality aluminum profiles to meet the structural compliance requirements in the Canadian Building Code. Glazing made of safety polycarbonate sheets that comply with the highest standards for durability and insulation are supplied by certified manufacturers in the European Union. All screws and small metallic components are made of aluminum or high grade stainless steel. You will never find any rust on our retractable enclosure products. Please see our certification section to see all the certificates and attestations that our factory and products underwent in order to comply with various standards, structural compliance and safety enclosure requirements around the world. With our own manufacturing and delivery services, we are able to provide you with high-quality, pool enclosures that are ready to ship in a very short time. Once you see our safety enclosures, you will be sure to recognize the quality and precision.

Lead time depends on the pool enclosure level of customization. Some models that we have in stock can be installed immediately, others would take 4-8 weeks from the order placement to deliver. Please note that highly customized pool enclosure models and models with extra-large dimensions can take longer depending on the factory capacity and level of customization.

Assembly and installation time of the pool enclosure depends on the number of sections and site prepareness. Most of our enclosures are installed within 2 days. Larger enclosures take 3-5 days to complete. Installation is very fast due to product modularity and precise preparation of the components in the factory.

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Contact Albixon Canada for more details or if you have any questions about your future retractable cover or safety enclosure. We are ready to help you find enclosure solutions for your swimming pool, hot tub, swim spa, patio or any other custom project. Check out our references to see a sample of completed pool enclosure projects across Canada.