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Maximize swimming pool enjoyment with modern retractable pool enclosure

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Get more from your swimming pool!

Whether you already have your swimming pool or areplanning a new build a retractable pool enclosure will elevate your pool game with a longer, cleaner and safer swim season!


By adding a pool enclosure, you can create lasting memories regardless of the season. No more closing your pool in the fall and reopening it in the spring. Whether you prefer a low, medium-high, or high design, a swimming pool enclosure allows you to enjoy your pool throughout the year. Choose the design that fits your needs and pool size, and enjoy the benefits of extended swimming pool season!

◘ THE ULTIMATE SOLUTION FOR POOL SAFETYprotecting pets around swimming pools

A retractable pool enclosure offers an extra level of safety for kids and pets. The closed structure prevents them from accidentally falling into the pool! An added benefit is that the enclosure will also prevent wildlife from entering the pool and causing damage or drowning. Picture a protected pool environment where your children and pets can play and relax safely.


A retractable pool enclosure provides protection for your pool against weather elements such as debris, leaves, and insects. With highly UV resistant glazing material, it shields your pool from the harsh sunlight. With a smooth and simple opening and closing mechanism, the enclosures can be operated by one person. Spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your pool!



With a retractable pool enclosure, you can minimize pool maintenance expenses and save on heating and pool chemicals. As the enclosure retains heat generated by your swimming pool, it reduces the energy needed to keep it at a comfortable temperature. In addition, it helps stabilize your water PH and chemistry by reducing evaporation and blocking impurities from precipitation and debris. Extend your swimming season or swim year-long and get the maximum value from your pool investment!


Pool Enclosures - Videos


High Retractable Pool Enclosure - Casablanca

Look inside the Retractable Pool Enclosures

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Medium Retractable Pool Enclosure - Klasik

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Low Retractable Pool Enclosure - Casablanca Inifity


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Installation of retractable pool enclosure

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High Klasik enclosure model with side sliding doors

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Installation of Casablanca enclosure model

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