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full safety & extended pool season

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Do you want to enjoy your hot tub or swim spa all year long? ALBIXON hot tub and swim spa enclosures extend your spa season, lower your heating costs and reduce time spent cleaning the water. ALBIXON’s unique hot tub and swim spa covers are durable, elegant and simple to operate. Please contact Albixon Canada to get more information about the pricing and availability of these multipurpose enclosures in your area.

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Hot Tub Covers & Swim Spa Enclosures

The design of ALBIXON Swim Spa and Hot Tub enclosures are based on the best selling Dallas and Klasik pool enclosure models. We provide custom designed enclosures to suit the unique dimensions of your hot tub, swim spa or small leisure pool. ALBIXON CANADA’s individual approach to every project allows for maximum customization, this means your enclosure will be perfectly suited to your needs in terms of space, ease of use and appearance. The enclosures can be designed to cover swim spas that are in-ground or sunk into a deck. ALBIXON swim spa and hot tub enclosures are the most practical, functional and elegantly designed covers available on the market in Canada.

Custom options for covering hot tub and swim spa

ALBIXON retractable enclosures provide a variety of custom solutions to fit everyone’s need for year round access to their hot tub or swim spa. The price of an enclosure depends on a variety of factors. While the dimensions of your project are the main consideration, price also depends on the structural requirements determined by local snow-loads as well as which accessories, glazing and colour finishes are chosen. Enclosures are constructed using high-grade aluminium profiles and durable safety polycarbonate sheets and are custom designed to comply with local building code requirements. Most custom models are fully retractable with sliding doors on the side. Contact ALBIXON CANADA,, use our Contact Form or call your local dealer if you are interested in a quote for your project.